6 Essential Tips Before Using A Hair Coloring Product


Blondes like to make their hair color even lighter, while brunettes like trying out different hair colors like blonde or strawberry blonde.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in trying out a different hair color because, well, it’s fun! Moreover, it’s a great way to vary your look every now and then.

Just remember that when you’re using a hair coloring product, it will have an effect on the health and resulting color of your hair.

As such, it pays to take heed of the following tips before using any kind of coloring product for your locks:

1. Don’t rely on the color indicated on the box

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when choosing a hair coloring product is expecting the same color results as what’s indicated on the box. Your original hair color will actually be mixed with the dye, so different hair hues would have varying results after the dyeing process.

2. Choose hues which are within two shades of your natural hair color

So how are you supposed to choose which hair color to use? Beauty experts recommend that you choose new colors which are two shades within your natural hair color. For example, if you’re a brunette, you can choose a chestnut brown or a dark champagne red color.

These shades are close to your natural hair color, but you will really see the difference after the dyeing process.

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