6 Makeup Sins You Should Not Commit


Even beauty editors, makeup artists and women who wear makeup day in and day out can make mistakes when using cosmetics.

They might have thought that they looked good at the time, but there are simply certain practices in using makeup with less-than-flattering results.

To make sure that you will not make the same mistakes, here are our top 6 makeup sins that you should not commit:

1. Not exfoliating regularly

Dry skin is the result of not exfoliating regularly. This further leads to flaky skin and when you put on makeup on such textures, the result is caked makeup which makes you look like a zombie! For women in their 30s, it is recommended that you exfoliate at least twice a week.

Slather on moisturizer to prevent drying, and the only time to put on makeup is once your skin is ultra-smooth so no residue gets caked.

2. Wearing a lighter or darker foundation shade

The role of foundation is to give you a flawless canvas when putting on makeup, as it hides skin imperfections. Wearing a lighter or darker foundation shade will make your facial skin appear different than the rest of your body, and this is not a flattering look at all.

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