6 Reasons Why Waxing Beats Shaving Any Day


One of the fussiest, yet necessary, beauty tasks that women need to perform on a daily basis is getting rid of unwanted hair on their bodies. If you’re a shaver instead of a waxer, you may want to learn about the advantages of the latter. Take a look at our top 6 reasons to why waxing is better than shaving:

1. Waxing makes you hair-free longer

When you’re waxing unwanted hair from your underarms, legs or bikini area, you can definitely use a shaver. However, the hair tends to grow back a lot sooner – so you would have to do it all over again three or four days later. With waxing, hair is pulled out from the roots so you can enjoy hair-free legs for up to two weeks or more.

2. Waxing produces smoother results

Since hair is pulled out from the roots when waxing is done, it also produces smoother results. If you end up using a dull shaver, you are bound to get uneven results, or maybe have very short strands of hair left on the area.

3. Waxing is kinder to the skin

Shaving results to cuts, nicks and other marks on the skin because of the sharpness of the razor used. With waxing, the wax allows the hair to stick to the material used, so it is generally kinder to your skin.

4. Waxing is not always painful

One of the biggest misconceptions that women have is that waxing is ultra-painful. Waxing that’s done by a professional is quick, efficient and almost pain-free.

5. Frequent waxing makes hair grow back slower, and with finer strands

If you always use waxing as a form of hair removal, hair tends to grow back slower and with finer strands. This is one of the main reasons why most women prefer waxing over shaving.

6. Professional waxing is faster, mess-free and more convenient

Finally, shaving can be really messy and time-consuming. Waxing, on the other hand, is fast, mess-free and very convenient especially when done by a professional.

With all these benefits and more, you may want to try out waxing if you haven’t already done so. After a few waxing sessions, you are bound to stick to it.

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