7 Perennial Beauty Tips


The majority of women enjoy visiting their favorite cosmetics counters at least quarterly to keep abreast on the latest tints and shades of glitz and glimmer.

Fortunately, cosmetic beauty trends shift with the seasons; however, there are perennial “rules” that make-up artists apply regardless of trends. Below are seven beauty tips that always apply:

1. Highlight that which is attractive

Whether it is your eyes, your smile or your cheek bones, play it up with the color of the season. If you have more than one feature that is worth attracting attention to, then count yourself lucky and work toward balance of contrast. Blondes may go dramatic with features that pop while brunettes might simply be balancing color with their hair as it contrasts against skin tone for a sophisticated look.

2. Eyebrows frame the face

For those who do not have enough brows to be in need of waxing or plucking, there are a few remedies for defining brows: a shaping pencil; powder to be applied with a brow brush; or more extreme and permanent measures may be taken, such as permanent make-up. Some people opt to wax the entire brow area and shape new brows into place with the use of templates.

Whatever your method of shaping beautiful brows, your efforts will give you freedom to wear your hair in various styles. If you wish not to remedy fussy brows, then bangs across the brow line will shape things to your advantage.

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