Be Aware Of The 6 Awful Ways Bacteria Sneaks Into Your Beauty Products


Whether you apply makeup on a regular basis or here and there, you will pretty much be using the same set on your face for months to come. If you’ve been using such products for a long time, the individual items can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Here we will take a look at the 6 awful ways that bacteria can sneak into the beauty products you’re using:

1. Bacteria can get into beauty products contained in jars, as opposed to tubes

If you’re not religiously washing your hands prior to touching beauty products, it is best to purchase ones in tubes rather than jars. When you dip your hand into a jar of conditioner for example, the bacteria-filled formula can touch your face and cause acne or skin irritations.

To prevent this from happening it’s best to purchase products in tubes instead of jars.

2. When you use mascara for more than three months, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria

Beauty products do have an expiration date, and mascara should only be used for three months. Any longer and it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which will irritate your eyes.

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