Be Aware Of The 6 Awful Ways Bacteria Sneaks Into Your Beauty Products


3. You are also attracting bacteria if you reapply lipstick right after eating

If you can’t brush your teeth after eating, make sure to at least wipe off any food residue before reapplying lipstick. Putting on lip color right after eating will allow bacteria to breed on the tube of the lipstick you’re using, so make sure to brush your teeth first.

4. If you sneezed while putting on makeup, bacteria can get into the items you’re using

This may sound like a given but if you sneezed while putting on makeup and all your eyeshadow palette, lipstick and other cosmetics are open, they are immediately exposed to bacteria. If this happens, use a swab of cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe off the top layers of your cosmetics.

5. If you share your beauty products with friends, you are taking the risk of bacterial growth

Just like any other personal items, shared makeup products can cause bacterial growth – so be careful when sharing.

6. If you never clean your makeup bag, be sure you’ll find a build-up of bacteria

Finally, make sure that your makeup bag is always clean. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria if left unsanitized for a long period of time.

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